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Virtual Software/Hardware, Training and Services

PLM Solutions Consulting can provide virtual training technologies to dramatically improve the experience, performance and safety once the project starts through virtual preparation environments. Our energy consulting services are designed to help companies better prepare for all types of construction related activities. 
We provide auditing services to make sure the products your companies are buying meet your project objectives. We can provide integration services between your chosen software solutions. We can recommend the appropriate software solutions to meet your specific need. We can provide metrology services through our partners who specialize in the energy industry. We can provide on/off-site services to develop simulations that correlate with your construction/outage schedules. We can develop feasibility simulations that can validate difficult tasks from a mechanical or human perspective. Also we can develop and deliver a complete project related Configuration Management environment incorporating your in-house applications into one role based environment. Additionally we provide tax services in which we can identify unique tax incentives for technology acquisitions by your company.

Virtual Training Software

By creating a virtual simulation of the construction process, we can show the entire projects sequence of activities. To EXPERIENCE the process allows for a better understanding of the challenges faced and even better how to address those challenges. To Experience it virtually and make critical decisions up front is significantly less costly than to find a problem during construction. To better prepare your plant operators through virtual familiarization prior to setting foot onto a site can and will improve performance and safety. The result is a more efficient and safer working environment and a team of workers that are better prepared because they have already completed a virtual dry-run.

Decommissioning Sequencing Schedule Integration

The outage schedule documents the tasks and time-lines allocated for each activity. Adhering to the schedule is critical to the outage being completed within the projected time. Failure to do so results in significant cost overruns and potential negative impact to the site at the federal and local levels. 

Being able to model and virtually simulate the activities within the outage schedule gives you a significant performance advantage. To visualize the activities imported and mapped from your scheduling application (Primavera) to the 3D model then simulate those activities allows you to determine whether assets are being utilized properly or if activities are sequenced in the most optimal way. More often than not activities are scheduled sequentially and can be revised to overlapping or concurrent activities based on supporting asset utilization. Our services will map your schedule with the 3D simulation and allow you to optimize the scheduled activities and improve outage performance significantly. Graphically you will be able to see both the 3D simulation and schedule animate in harmony. 

Gaming Engine

Virtual Reality provides a look, feel, sound and environment that till now was only available from commercial games. True sense of "presence" in an environment fosters a memorable experience, generates excitement, promotes discussion, enlivens learning and can be "played" on a variety of devices whenever and wherever desired.

Bio Mechanic Analysis

The value of being able to determine whether someone based on gender, body type, or ethnicity can physically perform a task can be invaluable when planning a project. Being able to simulate a single or team activity that can identify the physical stresses and loads on a body from a single or repetitive motion will allow for better manpower resourcing. 

Virtual Firefighting Training

Virtual Reality Firefighting permits use (with either a HMD such as Oculus Rift or in a 360 dome) of Firefighting nozzle (all modes), Thermal imagers, Gas Monitors, Helmet Lights, Appropriate communications, allows training using actual firefighting gear (including breathing apparatus) with the added benefit of eliminating hazardous and environmentally harmful smoke, Easing OSHA and legal constraints expanding the robustness and reality of training.

In Processing

There are key benefits to using virtual technology as a part of the initial familiarization training of users.  Employees and Contractors can be put through initial familiarization training of the facility. Using 3D visualization walk thru capability within selected areas employees and contractors can be assessed as to whether they can identify safety related hazards or potential code violations. In processing virtual training can optimize how contractors are introduced to the plant and improve performance and minimize risk. In processing training can evaluate and provide feedback as one walks through the site to assist in the familiarization process. This training can be instructor led or student driven. 

Vulnerability Assessment

In a world where Security preparation is at a heightened level, immersive training simulations can dramatically improve how security forces respond to multiple force on force situations. Through accurate site data capture services, a 3D virtual model can be created. Security personnel can role play in the actual site virtual environment to simulate multiple threat scenarios and evaluate the responses of the security personnel. Additionally the virtual model can be leveraged for the positioning of sentry locations based on optimal lines of sight. Our force-on-force simulation tool enables physical security analysis across a range of environments and with any number of threat vectors and variables. Vanguard allows analysts to conduct risk assessments and quantify how well protective measures will repel, or defeat, a suite of tailored threats; further, it allows for the analysis of countermeasures whether that be personnel, material, tactics, techniques, or procedures to reduce risk to manageable levels. Vanguard helps decision makers make truly effective physical security planning decisions that are backed by solid, intelligence-based scenarios, and statistically valid analysis. 

Radiation Protection

Our radiation protection simulations provide the ability to foresee workers needing to traverse through an area, the ability to see workers’ position & time in a location to establish a more accurate goal, the ability to determine methods to help reduce dose, allow for maintenance of “visual” records of changing radiation hazards and allows for training for possible rad hazard events to refine procedures to reduce exposure. Additionally all calculations made can be tabulated and formatted into your ALARA report. 

Metrology Services

Our personnel are nuclear certified for in and out of containment related projects. Additionally we support sub-contract work with rigging contractors to optimize project schedules by delivering accurate as-built data collected through our leading edge Metrology services and used as part of the precision delivery and installation of CAPEX related equipment and associated process systems. We provide measurement technology that optimizes timelines for Planning, Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance through Decommissioning.