Virtual Technology Training Services, Solutions & Consulting to Improve Overall Project Performance & Safety

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Mission Statement:

"To be the solution provider of "Best of Breed" Energy Strategies, Services, Software and Hardware, which deliver lifecycle performance benefits to our customers, based upon our clients key business requirements, completely unbiased and vendor-neutral"

Energy Consulting Services

Streamline your project through virtual technology integration. Optimize your outage Primavera schedule to manage time and resources. Improve outage, construction and decommissioning safety through virtual training and bio-mechanic analysis as well as RP resource tracking  and ALARA reporting. Familiarize employees and contractors through virtual In-Processing training. Capture As-Built data in support of engineering related maintenance and construction and deconstruction activities via our Metrology services. Train and optimize your security forces through our Vulnerability Assessment services. Train and optimize your firefighting personnel incorporating lifelike physics, heat, respirations, smell, firefighting patterns and lifelike nozzle pressure.

At PLM Solutions Consulting, we provide consulting services for Energy, Marine, Oil & Gas and Process industries through the integration of virtual & engineering/design technologies with your in-house training, engineering, outage management and data management of 2D & 3D programs.
Supporting the entire Lifecycle from Conceptual, Preliminary, Detail Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance through Decommissioning.

Additionally PLMSC, can provide Business Development consulting services to introduce innovative technologies into the Energy Industry.

Our Technology Consulting Services are:

Software/Metrology Services & Sales      Solutions Architecture Consulting      Business Development

Gaining An Edge

We help Engineering Procurement & Construction Companies gain an edge on the competition by serving as an integrator of technologies that optimize the timeline of the engineering project as well as ensure the operational and maintainability of the deliverable. 

We help Owner Operator's gain an edge by integrating the construction/outage schedule with the virtual engineering 3D model to simulate & optimize the construction/outage related activities. Today many construction/outage related activities are performed sequentially, when in fact many of the scheduled activities can be performed in parallel, saving a significant amount of time and $. Through virtual training we can improve outage performance of personnel as it relates to, O&M, Refueling, Firefighting, In-Processing, Vulnerability Assessment, Radiation Protection, or Fukushima FLEX activities. Through Metrology related services we can capture highly accurate as built data to be used in the virtual training or in updating as-built documentation. 

About Us

PLM Solutions Consulting incorporates more than 3 decades of experience in the Energy industry and thrives on working with companies to improve the challenges of today facing the industry such as, meeting the schedule, ensuring safety during construction and operations, and providing an accurate as-built data environment for the lifecycle of the site.

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