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Virtual Projects Completed, In Progress, and Recommended


RP-AVR Training Project - Palo Verde (completed)
Inverter As-Built Scan and Installation - Palo Verde (completed)

Steam Generator Replacement – SCE SONGS/W3 (completed) 
Incore Instrumentation Modification and Repair – SCE SONGS (completed) 
Incore Instrumentation Modification and Repair – Entergy W3 (completed)
BWR Torus Refurbishment – Entergy Peach Bottom (completed) 
MSR Replacement - GG Entergy Study - (completed) 
RCP Pump/Motor Replacement – Entergy W3 (completed) 
In-Processing Study Exelon (completed) 
Zinc Injection Module Replacement - Excel Monticello (completed) 

Plant Systems Course "Familiarization In-Processing Training" Project - APS Palo Verde (proposed)
RPV Head Replacement – Palo Verde (proposed)
EPU-Feedwater Heater Replacement (proposed)
Alloy 600 Weld Overlays – STP (planned)
Project cost estimating and validating for utility/contractor activities – Exelon (planned)
ALARA radiation dose management – ANO, Exelon (planned)
NFPA 805 Risk Informed FP Program Fire Scenarios - W3 (planned)
BWR Core Shroud Repair – Exelon (suggested)

Pressurizer Replacement –Farley (suggested)
Outage organizational meetings & planning scenarios – Xcel Energy (suggested)
FOF - Vulnerability Assessment Planning – Indian Point, PV, SONGS, Comanche Peak (suggested)